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The natural effect of our superfoods organic hemp, organic papaya, organic acai and organic green tea forms the basis of our natural and healthy "skin nutrition". The antioxidant effect of the superfoods in our products protect your skin from free radicals, strengthen its own forces and provide it with natural care.

Organic Acai
Organic Green Tea
Organic hemp
Organic Papaya
Bio Rotalge

Natural cosmetics based on superfoods

Ingredients by organic quality

Organic Redalgae

Du entdeckst erste Fältchen, deine Haut verliert an Elastizität und Spannkraft, Pigmentflecken bilden sich? Dann benötigt deine Haut Unterstützung gegen die Anzeichen der Hautalterung. Die Slow Age Produkte der Bio Rotalge Serie unterstützen, schützen und wappnen deine Haut gegen die Anzeichen der Hautalterung - für gesunde, schöne und intensiv durchfeuchtete Haut.

Organic Hemp

Are you feeling stressed? Does your skin feel weakened and dry? Are you prone to blemishes and redness? Then your skin is a stressed skin. The BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD products from the Organic Hemp line are the dream team for chilled skin. They protect the skin from moisture loss and "skin stress" and strengthen the skin's protective barrier.

Organic Acai

Do your forehead, nose and chin tend to be shiny, while the side areas tend to be dry? Then you belong to the combination skin type. To counteract shine in the T-zone and moisturize dry skin areas, the care products of the Bio Acai product line are the ideal care for your skin. They bring the skin back into balance and visibly improve the skin's appearance. The skin looks even and well-groomed.

Organic Papaya

Our skin renews itself about every 28 days. Actually great, but dead skin cells remain behind, which can lead to a sallow complexion and clogged pores. To make the skin radiant again, deposits should be removed regularly and the skin's natural renewal process activated. What is the best way to support your skin in this process? With the organic papaya product line from BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD.

Organic Green Tea

Does your skin react to environmental stimuli and show redness and an uncomfortable feeling? Do you have dry skin or itchy skin? Then you tend to have sensitive skin. The products of the BIO:VÉGANE SKINFOOD organic green tea line are the ideal care for sensitive facial skin. They soothe sensitive skin in a soothing way and protect it from harmful environmental influences.

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You can combine the products of our series to suit your skin.
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